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Happi Spells Crossword Puzzles

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Has your child just figured out how to read? (If not, start by downloading Happi Reads.) Well, then it is time for the next step - spelling. Come along with Happi and try to solve challenging mini crossword puzzles.
"Happi Spells" is the crossword spelling game where kids can practice spelling in a fun and exciting way by dragging letter tiles on to 60 different mini crossword puzzles. Compete for "snails" and try to improve your own high score. Don't like your score on one puzzle - just go back and try to beat it. The fewer mistakes, the more "snails" you earn. Every solved puzzle will open up a new one.
Game Description: "Happi Spells" consists of 60 mini crossword puzzles in 5 different levels with 12 puzzles in each level. Puzzles are made up of 4-8 intersecting words with the relevant letter tiles spaced around the puzzle. The object of the game is to drag the tiles to their correct places in the puzzle with as few mistakes as possible. Tiles dragged to their correct place will stick. Tiles dragged to an incorrect box will "go back". Colorful images illustrate all words in the crossword puzzles.
In summary, Happi Spells Crossword Puzzles for Kids will help children with early learning of their ABC and alphabet recognition as well as help them practice their beginning reading and expand their vocabulary. The app is frequently used in preschool and kindergarten but has also found its way to many special needs teachers and parents. Happi Spells has been especially appreciated by the autism community.
Features: * Hours of fun filled spelling practice with more than 300 words in 60 increasingly difficult crossword puzzles * Ability to change between UPPER and lower case * Audio Feedback * Hundreds of unique and vivid illustrations and backgrounds * Earn points and "snails" and try to better your high score * No ads, links or setting screens to confuse your child
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